Since we were redoing the GMA website, it was the perfect time to refresh and update the visual graphics of our Association. We have also changed our title Global Mural Arts & Cultural Tourism Association to Global Mural Association. We went with this variation on the same theme acknowledging our successful past with modern attributes representating the future success of GMA.

The new GMA logo is clearly very versatile. It can be reprinted in many forms and easily be used on business cards, letterhead, and all varieties of advertising material. The graphical approach of the new logo, is designed for easy recognition and clearly identifies of our Organization.  The initial impression that people observe is the multi colored globe perfectly reflects the international aspect of our Association. The use of the assorted colored brush strokes encircling the GMA globe, is the representation and union of art and culture. This logo is appropriate for use in multi-cultural, multi-national, and cross-language marketing, thus, allowing it to appeal to the widest audience possible.  This new logo emulates the nature of our Organization, its value as a recognizable brand and a symbol of creativity and reliability, its symbolism truly describes our Association and will continue to withstand the test of time.