Charlie Johnston

Quincy, Massachusetts, USA

Hua Quan Village

Julien « Seth » Malland


Georgia, USA

Steffen Jünemann

Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada


Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada


Nevada, USA

Steffen Jünemann

Mühlhausen, Germany

Charlie Johnston

Seneca Falls, New York, USA


Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

John Pugh

Hermosa Beach, California, USA

What is Global Mural Association

Bonjour, Hello, Hallo, مرحبا, হ্যালো, Здравейте, 你好, Ciao, Hola, Привет, こんにちは, Dobrý den, Hej, שלום, Cześć, bună, Merhaba…

The Global Mural Association is a non-profit organization formed to recognize and promote the important relationship between mural arts and tourism within community economic development.

We intend to raise public awareness to all disciplines of the arts and in so doing create a worldwide link to promote art, culture and tourism. The organization emphasizes the beneficial value of partnership between the arts, business, tourism and the Government sector.

Our Mission

Help organize the Mural Project for cities, organisations and cultural events around the Globe.

Promote and stimulate economic development through Mural Arts and Culture within communities by supporting the creation of partnerships between artists, businesses, economic development authorities, cities and tourism organisations.

Our Motto

« Create murals to improve the quality of life, one community at a time »

The Association was founded in 1997 in Chemainus, BC, Canada by Dr. Karl Schutz, who helped that town to become a major tourist attraction through its murals programs.

See ¨The Little Town That Did¨ published in the Smithsonian Magazine.