(Churchill, Manitoba, Canada)


Charles Johnston (alias C5) as created another great piece for a great cause, Pangeaseed foundation  »Sea Walls Churchill », murals for change. It’s  »artivism » art activism to bring awareness to ocean ecology, climate change and communities that are affected by these issues. Churchill is situated in upper Canada, it is a small isolated community that has been hit hard by the economic impact of changing dynamics. It is an ecological focal point where polar bears, beluga whales and other arctic marine life converge head on with humanity. When all hope seemed lost, a group of international muralists came into town with a million-dollar gift of public art to boost their spirits and shed some light on their situation.

Charlie’s work is title  »We swim in the same waters ». Spirit in the water, spirit in the sky, spirit on the earth, all are connected.  »My piece is about ancestral legacy, what was passed on to us and what we will leave for our children’s children. She may be the Creator or Sedna the Inuit goddess of the sea. She may be Jessie Tootoo, a healer or grandmother. Whoever she is, from her open hands the Aurora is unleashed, the ethereal cosmic voice of the ancestors speaking to us. The beluga swims through the aurora, a spirit guide legacy reminding us of what is truly valuable and worthy »