In order to broaden artists global horizons and to promote international exchange experiences, Hua Quan Village sincerely invites global artists to join our art residency program. The program will allow artists to experience Chinese culture, expand international vision, and increase the visibility of their own works in the process of international artist exchange.

We believe that through the process of interaction with local artists, the resident artists are provided with opportunity to strengthen international networking and international participation. The experience of different culture inspires creativity and by over coming cultural and language barriers, the artist also has the opportunity to connect with local community.

Information’s and conditions:

The artist agrees to the following:

    1. The duration of the art residency program is a minimum of 3 months, and a maximum of 6 months. (The maximum length visa recognized by China, is 180 days). Looking forward to having ample time to have in-depth cooperation with artists, to experience Chinese culture, to the artist to inspire inspiration locally, and to create connections with the implementation of local community services and public welfare projects.
    2. The artist is responsible for obtaining a valid travel visa to China.
    3. During the stay at the village, the artist’s main objective is to create artwork and connect with other artists.
    4. The artist must bring and furnish his/her own art supplies.
    5. It is recommended that artists speak English, to communicate with The Village staff, but most of the foreigners who come to The Village use translation software to communicate with the local Chinese.
    6. The Village will cover the artist round trip tickets to Nan Chang Airport at Jiangxi province, China. The Village will make an assessment based on the artist departure location. Therefore, the tickets to Hua Quan will be fully arranged by The Village.
    7. The Village will arrange transportation for the artist, to and from airport to Hua Quan Village.
    8. Room and meal during the stay will be provided by The Village.
    9. The Village will pay the artist 2,000 RMB (China’s currency) per month, if the artist chooses to teach up to 7 classes of 1.5 to 2 hour per month to visitors. If the artist teaches more then 7 classes, The Village will pay an extra 300 RMB for each additional class.
    10. The artist must be able to use fluent English to teach art courses to children and tourists.
    11. The artist agrees to take time to share his/her art and life experiences with other resident artists and visitors to The Village.
    12. The artist also agrees to learn about Hua Quan main attraction, its murals, “The Miracle” and act as tour guide for this mural project when requested.
    13. The artist agrees to carry out an interactive project with the surrounding communities of Long-Hu Mountain to share a creative experience or joint an art event in order to strengthen the art and cultural experiences at Hua Quan village.
    14. The artist will leave two pieces of artwork free of charge to The Village before leaving the residency.

For more information, contact Ariane Weng head of the Arts and Culture Department in Hua Quan village at: [email protected]

Welcome all!