EVOmural is a pre-coated non-woven polyester fibre coated with a high quality acrylic primer which makes it an excellent, resistant, durable and stable canvas to paint on. The bonding between EVOmural and the paint create the best adhesive characteristics for ensuring a much longer lifetime for your mural. The use of EVOmural will compensate for the physical movements of the existing wall, regardless of the condition of the surface, making it a stronger and enduring mural, compared to painting directly on the wall.

With EVOmural, your mural can be painted in your studio. You can cut it in different sizes or shapes, then you can glue the EVOmural to the desired wall. This technique allows you to work at any time of day, regardless of weather. Painting on EVOmural in your studio also will lower production cost by reducing to a minimum the time spent on the work site, blocking sidewalks or streets and rental of scaffolding. The time on the wall will be reduced from weeks to a few days. So EVOmural offers you the best condition possible for you to create your most outstanding mural.

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