An important public art piece was created in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada, the artists hometown.

This mural deals with Indigenous and Metis culture in the spirit of healing and Reconciliation; a significant national process in Canada between First Nations and Neocolonial peoples. Working with Jeanie Redeagle as the Indigenous Knowledge Keeper for this project, along with mentoring several Aboriginal and Metis artists, Canadian muralist Charlie Johnston came to develop the design and themes for the mural.
In the mural:

  • The Metis infinity sign (that represents 2 societies merging into 1) becomes a beadwork path bringing different peoples together towards healing.
  • The four traditional Aboriginal medicines radiate outward from the centre; cedar, tobacco, sweetgrass and sage; a smoky effect represents the ‘smudging’ healing ceremonies they’re used for.
  • Inside of the beadwork path are two flower gardens composed of traditional beadwork motifs- Metis beadwork on the left and Ojibway/ Aboriginal beadwork on the right
    ‘As you journey along the Möbius strip eternally turning back in on itself that is the healing path, you will encounter many spirit guides. ‘Guided by my knowledge keeper, I learned more about these vanguards of the teachings and their roles on the journey.’
  • The teachings are: Sabe=honesty, Eagle=love, Bear=protector keeper of the medicines, Turtle=truth, Beaver=wisdom, Wolf=humility, Buffalo=respect.